Monday, September 19, 2022

Protect Yourself from Hajj Fraud

 Hajj is the most sacred holy pilgrimage performed in Dhul-Hajj. Muslims from around the world perform this holy act each year. Pilgrims accomplish this holy pilgrimage and gain closeness of Allah Almighty as well as spiritual refreshment.

Allah SWT has guaranteed Paradise to one who performs Hajj. This holy practice is compulsory for such a person who can afford its expense. If you do not retain the potential of its expense, book cheap Hajj packages from Islamic Travel best hajj and umrah travel agents.

Hajj is the right way to gain importance in this world and hereafter. Allah SWT has also guaranteed Paradise for the one who performs Hajj. There are several companies in the market offering this holy pilgrimage. It is the dream of every pilgrim to get the best facilities during his journey. For such pilgrims, the money does not matter.

They spend a lot on their Holy pilgrimage to make it special with the best facilities. But be aware of Fraudlism companies willing to cheat you. Fraud Travel companies deceive many pilgrims every year. They are in the market in the lust of making money.

You will book from them packages with special facilities. But you only get the simple facilities during your pilgrimage. Pilgrims get disturbs when being deceived in their holy pilgrimage. In this intriguing post, we will discuss how to save ourselves from Hajj fraud.

Today the whole world is changed into a global village. Now people without going out, get things delivered to the doorstep by the online system. In the same way, the Muslims in this modern age book their Hajj and Umrah packages through online marketing. It is good to take benefits from the ease that Science has made. But we must take care of things before booking a package.

Unfortunately, a portion of the Hajj pilgrims falls prey to the Hajj fraud. This can take place in various ways. For instance, paying for the Hajj package via bank and hearing nothing about it after paying. Even by these Frauds the pilgrims approach Makkah and find their hotels are not paid. The pilgrims spend a handsome amount on special facilities. But they only get the basic ones. We have provided some useful tips to protect yourself from Hajj Fraud. These tips are described below.

  • Book your journey along with a professional and experienced travel company.
  • You can also book from such a company which is preferred by someone you know.
  • Check for the reviews by other travelers, make sure that there are a lot of positive ones.
  • Make sure that the company is an authorized member of ABTA or ATOL. 

on’t transfer money directly to the individual's account or pay cash. A reliable and professional company can also accept debit cards.

Make sure that the Travel agency from where you are booking is in touch with the Saudi Hajj embassy.

These tips and advice will protect you from Hajj fraud. You must always book from such travel that has years of experience providing the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

Necessary things to know about the Tawaf ritual

 Here is an article on the Necessary things to know about the Tawaf ritual offered by our travel agency with Cheap Umrah Packages. Tawaf, or walking around the Kaaba seven times, is one of the most essential aspects of the Hajj and Umrah. It begins about a yard before the Black Stone, which is immediately recognized even when the number of individuals doing the tawaf reaches tens of thousands. Thanks to various distinctive markers, such as the different colors of the flooring and the light on the wall opposite the Black Stone. The tawaf is performed in an anti-clockwise direction, with a full cycle completed every time a person returns to or parallels the Black Stone. 

A pilgrim usually performs the tawaf three times during his pilgrimage and once during the Umrah. Furthermore, the tawaf may be offered at any moment as a voluntary act of worship. To put it another way, a person does not need to be on a trip or an Umrah to perform the tawaf. As a greeting to the mosque, it is advised that we give a voluntary prayer of two Rakats. Tawaf is the greeting in this mosque. As a result, it's critical to understand the tawaf's requirements. 

Purification, in the religious sense, is the first condition. Thus, before doing the tawaf, a person must ensure that any impurity on himself or the garments he is wearing has been eliminated, and he must complete the ablution or wudu. A person who performs the tawaf while in a condition of ritual impurity, or Janabah, because of arousal or sexual intercourse. Or a woman who performs it during her menstrual cycle must sacrifice a cow or a camel as punishment.

Taking care of the awrah. The Prophet says that the tawaf is a prayer, except that God has made it legal for us to talk while conducting it. Then whoever speaks must only mention pleasant things. Following this logic, all scholars believe that the areas of the body that must be covered during prayer must likewise be covered during the tawaf. From the waistline to below the knees, a man must be covered. Except for her face and hands, a woman covers her entire body.

There must be seven circles in the tawaf. It's invalid due to the missing of one step. If there is any uncertainty about how many times a person has gone around the Kaaba, he acts on the lowest number to ensure that he has completed seven times. If he does not have any doubts after completing the tawaf and leaving, his tawaf is regarded legitimate. He must walk in an anti-clockwise direction, always keeping the Kaaba on his left. His tawaf is invalid if he performs it in the reverse direction.

Tawaf must be performed from the outside of the Kaaba. The Hijra Ismaeel, a semi-circular region, is regarded as a component of the Kaaba. As a result, anyone who reads it during his tawaf will have his tawaf nullified.

These are the most important tawaf needs. Some schools of thought, such as the Maliki and Hanbali, insist on the seven rings being in order. Only a short gap or a longer break for a valid reason is permitted between them. This is considered a Sunnah by the other two schools of thinking. It's also crucial to maintain calmness during the tawaf. The tawaf, as previously said, is a form of worship. As a result, we must approach it in the same way as we approach our mandatory prayers.

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